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  • ASDA Little Angels Comfort & Protect Nappies

    based on 13 reviews

    ASDA Little Angels Comfort & Protect Nappies are wonderfully soft and breathable for your little angel. The SmartFlo™ absorbency allows the moisture to be quickly absorbed and helps evenly distribute wetness for comfort. While the super absorbent gel beads absorb up to 30 times their own weight and locks away wetness.



    Source: ASDA

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    September 23, 2023
    Good product overall

    Good, affordable, brand of nappies. Have purchased these nappies in the past and had no issues with reactions or leaking. One downside would be that my local Asda is quite far away and therefore I do not… Read more

    September 11, 2023
    Decent nappies

    I used to buy nappies from lidl but they kept tearing and I felt terrible adding nappies to landfill before they had even been used. These asda brand nappies little angels do their job well. My tot… Read more

    Kirsty Liddle
    March 11, 2023
    Kirsty Liddle
    Great nappies

    I tried so many nappy brands but my babies nappy used to leak during night time. So I found Asda Little Angels nappies. I am shocked to see how these nappies fit perfectly my baby's bottom. These… Read more

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